JVC's high-end D-ILA 4K projector features a new optical engine with new wire grid and the latest 6th generation original D-ILA device to realize the industry's highest native contrast ratio of 150,000:1 and dynamic contrast ratio of 1,500,000:1*. Additionally, e-shift 3 Technology with enhanced Multiple Pixel Control image processor and analyser achieves a high-definition 4K image optimal for a variety of scenes. 


  • K Projection (3840 x 2160 pixels) achieved with optical engine featuring e-shift 3 Technology with Multiple Pixel Control image processor and MPC analyser
  • Industry's highest Dynamic contrast ratio of 1,500,000:1 and Native contrast ratio of 150,000:1* achieved with original D-ILA device and an optical engine equipped with new wire grid
  • Brightness of 1300 lumens
  • Improved 3D viewing with reduced crosstalk made possible by D-ILA's original Frame Addressing driver technology
  • An array of 3D picture adjustment functions: 2D-3D conversion, Crosstalk Cancelling, Disparity Adjustment, and Depth Adjustment
  • Wireless transmission options for 3D viewing: RF (radio frequency) system transmission with PK-AG3 3D Glasses for 100H continuous operation and PK-EM2 3D Synchro Emitter
  • Real Colour Imaging Technology allows combined use of picture modes and dedicated colour profiles in 23 different ways to enjoy images.
  • Xenon lamp colour temperature
  • Colour Management System with 7-axis Matrix
  • Clear Motion Drive 3 improves pictures with rapid movement for both 4K and 3D images
  • Picture Adjustment function allows user to precisely correct colour deviation in 1/16-pixel increments; also segments the screen into 121 points for individual adjustment. Two customized settings can be stored in the memory.
  • Environmental Setting automatically adjusts images to best match the environment
  • Screen Adjustment Mode: 106 modes (Up to 255 modes)
  • Intelligent Lens Aperture
  • Lens Memory function (10 memories)
  • Digital Keystone in 2D mode (vertical direction)
  • THX 3D Display Certification and ISF C3 mode
  • Projector can easily be controlled from a smartphone or tablet
  • New 6th generation 0.7" Full HD D-ILA devices x 3
  • 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) achieved with e-shift 3 Technology including Multiple Pixel Control image processor
  • 4K signal input (50p/60p compatible with 4:2:0 colour base)
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (in 2D); 1920 x 1080 (in 3D)
  • NSH 230W
  • Connectors: HDMI x 2 (3D, Deep Colour, CEC compatible), RS-232C x 1, LAN x 1, Trigger x 1, 3D x 1


Prijs: €: 9999

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