Meridian Media Core 600

Media Core 600 offers a complete, multi-room system that delivers streaming content at phenomenal performance throughout your home from a central location. Media Core 600 can be controlled via Meridian’s Control 15 or popular home automation systems. Wireless control can be accomplished with our free iPad or iPhone app, or your computer. Meridian DSP Loudspeakers, including the DSP520 In-wall model, can also be used to control basic functions.


Media Core 600 provides six independent “zones,” or rooms, to share the internal library of up to 10,000 albums. Each room not only can have independent content, but discrete volume control as well. Multiple Media Core 600s can be combined where the home requires more than six rooms of music. In this case, each library within each Media Core 600 is combined and presented as one large collection.
Prijs: €: 8450

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